Guide to Private Schools

Written by County Lines Staff

Our Guide to Area Independent and Private School Open Houses in Chester County and Beyond.

Ready to Take on the World

Written by Edwin Malet

High School Students with Big Ambitions … and Big Talents

Summer Camps 2018

Our Summer Camp Guide will help you keep your kids energized and engaged all Summer long

Local Student Athletes Win on a Big Stage

Written by Edwin Malet

The best head for Oregon, Penn State, Duke and other top colleges.

Affording Independent School – It’s Not as Costly as You May Think

Written by Edwin Malet

You’re convinced your child will thrive at an independent school. But, how much will it cost?

Fall School Sports Recap

Written by Edwin Malet

Team stars head to top colleges in County Lines Country, while independent schools fielded excellent teams this fall season.

Independent School Education

Written by Linda Phelps, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools

Is your child’s future important to you? If it is, you share something in common with independent schools—they, too, are concerned about the future; the future for the students they…