This Month's Features

Cinderella: A Musical Panto

What do a murder mystery, slapstick, magic, mistaken identity, the Roaring ‘20s and a glass slipper all have in common? Why, it’s Cinderella: A Musical Panto at People’s Light, of course!

Holiday Sparkle 2018

For new ideas on putting sparkle in your wardrobe for the holidays, we asked Kiki Comerford, owner and inspiration for the Kiki Boutique in West Chester’s Jane Chalfont shop. Kiki expects seasonal must-haves to include flutter sleeves, pleats and plenty of velvet and lace.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Get started early on your holiday shopping. Shop local for unique gifts for everyone on your list—including yourself! We recommend some perfect picks.

Malvern Hilltop Estate

You know when you’ve found your home

Easy Appetizers

As we sally into the winter holiday season, opportunities abound for raucous family feasts, intimate dinners and casual neighborhood cocktail parties.

School Open Houses

Our Guide to Area Independent and Private School Open Houses

Food News / November 2018

A few of our favorite things to share this month about local food and drink.

Down for the Count

Boxing has a “tough guy” image problem. The sport’s physical nature calls to mind images of black eyes and dark bruises. But recently, a growing number of local gyms are dedicating themselves to demystifying boxing.

Good to Know / November 2018

Just a few things we'd thought you'd like to know this month.

Reader's Favorites

Photo Contest: Capturing Chester County

For four years now, we’ve asked our readers for their most stunning images of fall in Chester County. And this year’s contestants didn’t disappoint! These semifinalists’ shots capture the essence of the season in County Lines Country.

Fall Guide to the Arts

The new season is arriving and our Guide to the Arts will give you a preview of the promises that holds.

The Bluebird Keeper

“I have the ability to look at a piece of wood and say I can do this or that with it.” Ken smiles and the wrinkles deepen as light dances in his twinkling blue eyes.

Choosing Wines by the Numbers

Look beyond the ratings to the descriptions.

Mark Your Calendar – 2018

Fall is a busy time in County Lines country. Here are just a few of the many events you’ll find right in our own backyard.

55+ and Retirement Communities

Our Guide to Area 55+ & Retirement Communities

The County Lines Podcast

The same County Lines content you love. Now in an audio format.

40 of Our Favorite Local Beer and Brew Spots

Our guide to all things beer in County Lines country.

November Picks 2018

Our picks for top events this month.

In Between County Lines


Welcome to "In Between County Lines.”

Tell Us About It

Have an event coming up and want us to cover it? Let us know!

My Fair Goshen Lady

There’s something about summertime in a small town.

Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show

The Ludwig’s Corner Horse show takes place every year on Labor Day weekend.

The County Lines Podcast

The same County Lines content you love. Now in an audio format.