At Home

Couple purchasing a home

Smart Home Buying

Written by Mary Irene Dolan

How to Find Your Dream Home

Making Your Kitchen the True Heart of the Home

Written by Allie Fillmore

How to make your kitchen a warm and welcoming room.

Georgian Glory

Written by Matt Freeman

Whether in England, France or the Main Line, there’s not much mistaking a manor house.

Fine Homes & Design

Written by County Lines Magazine

Our guide to help you with everything for the home. Take a moment and dream …

Hillsover Farm

Written by Laurel Anderson

A historic equestrian estate in the heart of Chester County Over 90 acres of undeveloped land in Malvern …

It’s Not Personal

Written by Edwin Malet

Take a step back for an objective assessment before your home goes on the market. My house is no longer…

Wyndemere Farm

Written by Laurel Anderson

Wyndemere Farm – A 215-acre nature preserve in East Marlborough Township Owning a personal nature preserve may not be everyone’s…