Discover the Brandywine Polo Club

Written by Cindy Walker

Marking their 70th anniversary, the Brandywine Polo Club offers the tradition and thrills of polo in a long season that may be extended into October.

Four Fall Equestrian Shows

Written by Mercedes Thomas

The trees are changing colors and the air is getting cooler, which must mean it’s time for the fall equestrian season!


Written by Ginny Simon

From Battlefields to International Equestrian Competitions and on to the Devon Horse Show Grounds

For the Love of Horses: Engaging Body, Mind and Soul

Written by Carole Laulis & Maddie Iacobucci, Thorncroft Equestrian Center

The benefits of riding range from recreational to therapeutic.

Steeplechase Season

Written by Madison Meinel

Steeplechase season is around the corner, and we’ve got the scoop for planning May fun, like carriage parades, boutiques, great food and competitive races.

Visiting The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair

Written by Laurel Anderson

So much to see and do during the exciting 11 days of Devon. May 24—June 3, 2018.

An Equestrian End to the Summer

Written by Cole Pokropowicz and Erin Ahlefeld

Get ready for equine entertainment, family fun and plenty of good food the whole month of September!