Dressage at Devon

Written by Emma Miller

Fun and excitement for families and competitors alike.

Saddle Up for the Fall Equestrian Season

Written by Shannon Montgomery

Enjoy all kinds of equestrian action and family fun all month long.

The Devon Horse Show Celebrates Its 126th Year!

Written by Laurel Anderson

Celebrate 126 years of extraordinary athleticism, horsemanship and family fun.

It’s Steeplechase Season and We’re Off to the Races

Written by Alexis Barrick

Steeplechase races have returned, filling May with equestrian fun for everyone!

Welcome to Dressage at Devon!

Written by Ginny Simon

This world-class competition is back, September 28–October 3

Chester County’s Equestrian Traditions and Treasures

Written by Madison Meinel

It’s no secret that Chester County enjoys a rich equestrian history that continues to grow with each passing decade. And even though many of our favorite local equestrian events may be on hold this year, there are still equestrian traditions and treasures to be thankful for.

Discover the Brandywine Polo Club

Written by Cindy Walker

Marking their 70th anniversary, the Brandywine Polo Club offers the tradition and thrills of polo in a long season that may be extended into October.