Wedding Venues & Services 2019

Written by County Lines Magazine

With so many options for venues, we’ve put together some of our favorites, plus additional services.


Written by Edwin Malet

Some advice on grooming the groom in preparation of your big day.

The Groom’s Side

Written by Jo Anne Durako

Yes, there’s another person in the wedding story.

Weddings in Nature Settings

Written by County Lines Magazine

Mother Nature provides an amazing array of options for your big day! From public parks to former mansions, hunt clubs to farms, find the right outdoor space for your “I do!” moment.

Bridal Boot Camp

Written by Ann Marie Catania

The benefits behind this growing trend

With This Ring … The Do-It-Yourself Marriage

Written by Patricia T. Brennan

Because of history and state law, couples don’t need an officiant to marry in Pennsylvania.

It’s Mom’s Big Day, Too

Written by Mary Irene Dolan

Getting Wedding Ready: Mothers of the Bride & Groom Edition