Dining Guide 2018

Our handy Local Dining Guide for good eats across County Lines Country

Brews & Foods

Written by Mary Irene Dolan

Thirsty? Hungry? You’re in luck! Bar + restaurant options are thriving, with no end in sight.

Best of the Best 2018

Written by County Lines Magazine

Our 14th Annual Best of the Best Selections

Around the World in West Chester

Written by Malcolm Johnstone

Destination dining with international options.

Confessions of a Cookbook Addict

Written by Laura Muzzi Brennan

I think what drives my mother-in-law is the same as what drives me: in some deep part of ourselves, we believe that one cookbook will have it all, will give the answer to breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of our lives.

Food News / December 2017

Written by County Lines Magazine

Grab your mugs and try this delicious, boozy twist on classic hot cocoa: wine-infused hot chocolate!

Progressive Holiday Party

Written by Laura Muzzi Brennan

Dressing up the dining table creates an inviting gathering space for guests to enjoy tasty food and drinks this season.