At Home

Making Your Kitchen the True Heart of the Home

Written by Allie Fillmore

How to make your kitchen a warm and welcoming room.

Georgian Glory

Written by Matt Freeman

Whether in England, France or the Main Line, there’s not much mistaking a manor house.

Fine Homes & Design

Written by County Lines Magazine

Our guide to help you with everything for the home. Take a moment and dream …

Hillsover Farm

Written by Laurel Anderson

A historic equestrian estate in the heart of Chester County Over 90 acres of undeveloped land in Malvern …

It’s Not Personal

Written by Edwin Malet

Take a step back for an objective assessment before your home goes on the market. My house is no longer…

Wyndemere Farm

Written by Laurel Anderson

Wyndemere Farm – A 215-acre nature preserve in East Marlborough Township Owning a personal nature preserve may not be everyone’s…

Fire & Water

Written by Mary Irene Dolan

Bring these two elements together to create your dream escape. A soft summer breeze. A crackling open fire. A trickling fountain alongside an inviting pool. Your family, friends and maybe…