In The Garden

Plant This, Not That

Written by Kirsten L. Werner, Natural Lands

Burning bush is just one of the invasive species to remove and replace on your property.

Native Plants for Resilient Gardens

Written by Stephanie Kuniholm, Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

The best picks for changing weather conditions.

This Spring, Add Some Biodiversity to Your Yard

Written by Monica McQuail, Willistown Conservation Trust

Manicured lawns are out, and natural ecosystems are in.

Chester County Landscape & Garden Design

Get your lawn, garden and backyard spring-ready with the help of local experts.

Highlight of a Mid-Atlantic Spring

Written by Victoria Laubach, Welkinweir

Azaleas thrive in our public and private gardens.

Small but Mighty

Written by Liesl Barkman, Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

Plant native shrubs as an alternative to trees in small landscapes.

Creating An Outdoor Oasis

Written by Shannon Montgomery

Transform your backyard into your own private paradise.