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A Closer Look at Women’s Health, 2018

Written by County Lines Magazine

Health Professionals Share their Advice

Local experts once again share their expertise on a range of topics for this Closer Look at Women’s Health Issues, reminding us of best practices, latest developments and their advice on four key issues.

Dr. Manuel Ferreira of Chester County Ob/GYN provides travel guidelines and advice for healthy pregnant women. From Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, Dr. Meghan Tuohy Walls discusses why teenage girls are particularly susceptible to social media and what parents can do about it.

In “Focusing on Sleep Can Make a Difference in a Woman’s Health,” Dr. Kristine M. Leaman, from All About Women – Tower Health Medical Group, explains why sleep should be a priority.  And Dr. Eric Levicoff of the Rothman Institute covers some basics of arthritis, a particular problem for women.

We hope you find something helpful in these pages. And here’s to your health!

Travel During Pregnancy

Up until about 36 weeks, most healthy pregnant women can continue to enjoy traveling.

Dr. Manuel Ferreira, Chester County Ob/Gyn

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The Workings of Social Media and Teen Girls

Teenage Girls are especially susceptible to Social Media. What can Parents do about it?

Dr. Meghan Tuohy Walls, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

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Focusing on Sleep Can Make a Difference in a Woman’s Health

Too many things Can get in the way of sleep. You need to Make it a priority.

Dr. Kristine M. Leaman, Tower Health Medical Group

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Avoiding and Treating Arthritis

Since women are more often affected by arthritis than men, it pays to be informed.

Dr. Eric Levicoff, Rothman Institute

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