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Healthy at Every Age

Written by County Lines Staff

Local Medical Experts Tackle Five Health Topics

Being healthy is a 21st century obsession. Books, magazines, TV shows and social media are filled with ideas for maintaining our health.

And so, we thought we’d add some targeted material to the discussion. We asked local experts to share the latest thinking on five topics that span the ages. Starting with having a healthy pregnancy, we move to protecting our teens against HPV, then helping women decipher the latest mammogram guidelines and helping everyone understand the shifting science on blood pressure guidelines. And, finally, we go beyond the wisdom of TV commercials on shingles.

Just doing our part to contribute to the conversation. Here’s to your health!

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Tips for a healthy baby, body and mind during pregnancy.

Dr. Marlesa Moore, Penn Medicine

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What Is HPV and Why Is It a Problem?

Learn why teenagers should get vaccinated to help prevent this wide-spread problem.

Dr. Tracie M. Safier, Nemours du Pont Pediatrics

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Mammography: What’s a Woman To Do?

Faced with multiple and conflicting guidelines, women can use help.

Dr. Richard J. Bleicher, Fox Chase Cancer Center

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Understanding the Guidelines for High Blood Pressure

Know the new blood pressure guidelines and what else you can do.

Dr. Anay Pradhan, Brandywine Hospital

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Preventing and Treating Shingles

There’s more to it than what you see on those TV commercials.

Dr. Sonya Foster-Merrow, Pottstown Memorial Medical Center

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