Wine Flavors of Fall

Well, we’ve made it to fall! Looking back on the year so far, it’s clear we deserve a little something special to place on our table at our next special meal.

Say Happy Holidays with Wine

Written by Fred Naddeo

There’s a wine from Burgundy for everyone on your list.

Is Wine Healthy?

Written by Frank Naddeo

You may want to do some research of your own to learn about some red wines that could be good for your health.

PA Wines

Written by County Lines Magazine

Your support for local businesses should, of course, extend to local wineries.

Something Different for the Summer

Written by Fred Naddeo

Add three new whites to your summer wine list.

Festive Wines for Festive Times

Written by Fred Naddeo

Find a new favorite sparkler for toasting the holidays.

Choosing Wines by the Numbers

Written by Fred Naddeo

Look beyond the ratings to the descriptions.