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Good to Know / August 2018

Written by County Lines Magazine

Just a few things we'd thought you'd like to know this month

Healthy You/Healthy Planet

Need some extra motivation to go on your morning jog? Swedes get going through a new fitness craze called “plogging” that’s spread to the U.S. From the Swedish phrase for “pick-up,” plogging encourages people to pick up trash along their jogging route to clean up local streets. Grab a bag and bring some eco-minded friends to help keep Chester County clean, all while burning some calories. Dog-walkers can join in, too, and add to the 10,000 Instagram posts at #plogging. More at

Dog Selfies

Take a break from your usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram check-ins and visit the new social media platform called Petzbe, designed exclusively for pets—no humans allowed, except for posts like “How I Met My Human.” See what local pets are doing and upload your important daily activities like sniffing in the garden or sleeping in the shade. Show your furry friends your new coat after a trip to the groomers. Get your human to download the app at

Don’t Wait. Vaccinate.

Before the new school year starts, add vaccines to your summer to-do list. Vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious, especially in young children, and getting a vaccine is safe and easy in the hands of a professional! Get all vaxes up to date this summer when you don’t have to take the kiddos out of school for an appointment. Chester County Health Department has info on immunization at

Celebrate DOGust 1

Pet vets and volunteers don’t speak dog, so when a pup arrives at a shelter, there’s no way to know its birthday. That’s why August 1 is DOGust 1, the universal birthday for shelter dogs. A special day is needed for sheltered strays who come in with an unknown history. Visit a shelter like our local Brandywine Valley SPCA or Main Line Animal Rescue to adopt a good boy or girl today. Just remember to have a cake and presents waiting at home!;

Game on the Green

Looking to practice your golf swing? Overlook the lush vistas of Pickering Valley’s golf course in Phoenixville for Ladies’ Night Golf, starting August 29. Learn proper stance and position while perfecting both short and long game techniques. Bring your clubs and some friends to practice with a pro on the 18-hole course. Compete to see who pays for the night’s drinks! Classes, $205. 450 S. Whitehorse Rd., Phoenixville. Schedule at

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