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Good to Know / July 2018

Written by County Lines Magazine

Just a few things we'd thought you'd like to know this month

Thriving Theater

Chester County welcomes a new theater company from a theater veteran. Beth McDonnel launched The Company Theatre in Chester Springs this past fall, along with a team dedicated to enriching our community through the arts. Their most recent production, The Emperor’s New Clothes, garnered commercial and critical success. McDonnel studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, and brings her Big Apple flair to our area. For upcoming performances, check

July Jubilee

Ever wonder how other countries spend their Independence Days? France’s Bastille Day—commemorating the start of the French Revolution on July 14—involves firefighters holding dances and parties. Belgium’s National Day on July 21 celebrates separating from the Netherlands with military parades complete with tanks and aircraft. Canada Day, on July 1, marks independence from the British and is remembered with fireworks, parades and singing the national anthem. Not so different from our July 4th!

No Kidding

Want a bit of farm life in your life? Head for Why Not Farm in Glenmoore on July 17 and join a monthly soap-making class. In the group class—bring some like-minded friends—you’ll make soap with goat’s milk, a moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin that doubles as a healing agent. Plus, take in the scenery, complete with the farm’s signature Belted Galloway and Texas Longhorn cattle grazing the rolling Chester County hills. Classes, $52. 3108 Conestoga Rd. Schedule at

Spreading Your Roots

This summer your pup is probably glued to the picnic table begging for scraps, and your lazy kitty is likely lolling in the sun. But where is your ficus? Or your fern? Plants need love, too, so that’s why July 27 is Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day. Introduce your photosynthetic friend to your neighbors, all while giving it a healthy dose of vitamin D. Just be sure to bring a leash if it’s carnivorous!

New Heights

Escape to the scenic skies of Chester County in a hot air balloon in an unforgettable one-hour flight. The United States Hot Air Balloon Team in Pottstown will guide you across the Chester County skyline, revealing a vision of home you’ve never seen before. After landing, there’s a champagne toast with the pilot and crew. Grab a date, some friends or family to fly and make some memorable summer memories. Adults $199, Children $150. Book at

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