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Good to Know / April 2018

Written by County Lines Magazine

Just a few things we'd thought you'd like to know this month

The Variety Venue

Get ready to tap your feet—local live music is growing! 118 North is Wayne’s newest and freshest concert venue. Its intimate stage, Southwest-inspired kitchen and full bar all provide the perfect spot to discover your new favorite band. What makes 118 North stand out? Their commitment to presenting a diverse range of high-quality performances—spanning genres from power pop, to brass bands, to reggae, rock and beyond. Even better—tickets are just $5! Get yours at

Mini Movements

Time is hard to find, but you don’t need much to make a difference. April 15th is Micro Volunteering Day—a holiday for helping others in bite-size ways. Only a few minutes can make someone’s day shine brighter. Retweet a charity’s fundraising page, drop-off unused clothes or canned goods, sort recyclables or write a letter to a veteran. These things seem small, but they add up in a big way. More ideas at

Bye Bye Prom Traditions

Prom has long been a celebration and a rite of passage for teens. But with Prom Season on its way, it’s time to give old traditions an update. Make your gifts mean more with custom-designed corsages and boutonnieres that add personal flair to flowers. Steal the spotlight with elegant illusion-top gowns or playful two-piece party dresses. Catch eyes with patterned lapel tuxes or textured or printed suitcoats. The options are endless! For more inspiration check out

Library in a Box

Want a library on your lawn? Little Free Library is dedicated to increasing access to books and bringing neighbors together, all through a little wooden box. With a policy of “take a book, leave a book,” Little Free Libraries help your community share and connect by swapping classics and new reads. Discover a nearby Little Free Library using their online map or start your own local exchange. Info on building, buying, maps and more at

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