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Charity Datebook 2022

Written by County Lines Magazine

From the Guest Editors

It has been two years since COVID struck and while we are not back to a pre-pandemic normal, the world looks much different today than it did this time last year. Organizations continue to expand and deepen their technology expertise to stay in touch with audiences virtually. At the same time, many in-person gatherings and live performances are back. Let’s make this the year of the revitalization of our arts, culture and historic preservation sector.

The arts are essential to the social and economic wellbeing of our community. Yet, the arts and culture sector has been particularly vulnerable throughout the pandemic. Restrictions on gatherings and changes in consumer behavior have taken a devasting toll on the art galleries, theaters and museums in our community. Now is the time to show up and support the arts, whether that means streaming online concerts, renewing your subscriptions, or once-again attending in-person performances.

In this Datebook you’ll find charity event listings and highlights from fundraising events. You’ll also find nonprofit and donor profiles. We’ve selected a handful of the many arts, culture and historic preservation nonprofit charities that entertained and enriched our community this year.

After nearly two years of the pandemic, many live performances and concerts are starting back up again. Before now, arts, culture and historic preservation organizations creatively pivoted to reach their audience in new and exciting ways. The charities that pivoted most rapidly were those that had visionary, resilient leadership combined with strong support from their donors. We trust their stories will inspire you.

If you are looking to get involved in your community, please DO. We invite you to contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities, committee service, board leadership, ways to donate and means to build a legacy to fulfill your charitable intentions. We have expertise in emerging community issues and connections to the local, regional and national charities best-positioned to meet Chester County’s needs and aspirations.

We are here to connect you to the causes that matter. For good. Forever.

Here’s to your health!


Karen Simmons

Michael DeHaven, CPA
Chair of the Board


Chester County Community Foundation


Food For Thought

Transforming Our Region Into a Better Place for All

Timmy Nelson

The vision of the Chester County Community Foundation is to be a philanthropic catalyst for positive change, strategically and intentionally engaging donors and partners to address the common good while transforming our region into a better place for all. This aligns with the core definition of philanthropy: active effort to promote human welfare.

Last year our Food for Thought program evolved into “Community Conversations” via Zoom, with the aim to guide Chester County towards a healthier, happier and more equitable future. At each Food for Thought session, we watched a TED Talk about a social justice topic and engaged nonprofits, philanthropic donors, local politicians and community members in a conversation on issues ranging from racism and disability rights to LGBTQ+ discrimination and more.

“Food for Thought provides a safe space to have difficult but much-needed conversations,” notes Timmy Nelson, a retired Senior Vice President for UPS and an active community volunteer. “These programs help educate about systematic issues and encourage community members to adopt more inclusive values and viewpoints.”

As we present you with this year’s Charity Datebook focused on arts, culture and historic preservation organizations, please remember that the arts are a vehicle for positive change and social justice. Not only is art a source of entertainment and happiness, it can provoke, encourage and advance social change.

Art and music play a crucial role in mobilizing social movements. A significant number of our Food for Thought attendees are from arts organizations in Chester County. They understand that art gives people, especially young people, the ability to express themselves and challenge the world around them.

Never underestimate the transformative power of the arts, culture and historic preservation sector.


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