Friday, November 24 2017 5:27

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Written by County Lines Magazine

At the Media Theatre

The holiday season is approaching. Bells fill the air as the night closes in, darkening, but for the twinkling of tiny bulbs. Music emanates from the historic theater, grows louder along with the bustle and noise of the gathering crowd outside. The posters whisper: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, a fairy tale, centuries old …

The Beast? Once a rich, vain and arrogant prince, now hideously transformed by an enchantress for his brutish, condescending behavior. Angry and spiteful at his plight, alone in his castle, he can escape the curse only if he loves and is loved. The enchantress gave him 10 years.

Belle, the Beauty? Intelligent and adventurous, Belle goes to the Beast’s castle to trade places with Maurice, Belle’s absent-minded father, who was captured and imprisoned there. Later, Maurice will try to rally the town to free his daughter.

Then there’s Gaston, an egotistical and manipulative man-about-town, who wants Belle for his bride, but only for her looks.

As Belle finds herself falling for the Beast, and the Beast for her—with time running out on the Beast’s curse—Gaston jealously storms the castle. Gaston and the Beast duel to the death, but …

No spoilers here! You’ll have to see the show and find out for yourself.

This holiday season The Media Theatre tells a “tale as old as time.” Romantic, dramatic, humorous, wonderful for children and the whole family! The original Broadway production ran for over 13 years and was nominated for 9 Tony Awards.

You’ll love the music—classic songs, like “Be Our Guest,” written by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman, along with a few new songs created for the stage version. The play is directed and choreographed by Dan Dunn, with music directed by Ben Kapilow and played by a live orchestra. Alanna Smith plays Belle; Jay Yoder, The Beast.

Enjoy this perfect family treat!

If you go

Where: The Media Theatre
104 E. State Street, Media

When: Through January 14th

Tickets: $30 and up, available online at and by phoning 610-891-0100

Coming Soon: Next to Normal and If/Then