Friday, March 24 2017 4:04

A Natural Glow

Written by Mary Irene Dolan

Organic Spa Options for Healthier, Happier Skin

Our skin (including our hair and nails) is the largest organ in our body. As the barrier between us and the outside world, that should give us reason enough to take care of it and treat it right. Unfortunately we don’t always follow through.

Too much sun, caffeine and stress along with not enough water, vitamins and sleep create a killer cocktail for lackluster skin.

But what we put on our skin matters, too. In fact, Tiffany Lahn of Salon Secrets Spa in Kennett Square believes the lotions and potions we use on our skin are just as important as what we put in our bodies. “Our skin absorbs everything,” she says. “If you put it on your skin, it will end up inside you, too.”

That’s why many spas and salons are turning to more skin-friendly—and environmentally responsible—beauty products and treatments. Often this means switching from products with harsh, toxic ingredients to ones that are organically derived and both gentle and beneficial to the skin.

Our local spas share popular options for head-to-toe natural glow.


Fresh, glowing, hydrated and clear—a few words to describe our best face. Many spa facial treatments promise just that. Yet some can leave skin feeling raw and irritated in the process, especially if that skin is on the sensitive side.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are two of the top offenders. So why not choose kinder, gentler exfoliating treatments that work just as well? Services like Salon Secrets Spa’s Tulasara Dual Exfoliation Peel are great for plant-powered, non-invasive alternatives to traditional peels and still make your skin “smoother and more radiant in just one treatment,” according to Tiffany Lahn.

The key to healing, bio-based treatments is they not only exfoliate the skin but also hydrate it. Kristy Cole of Cole Wellness Spa in Wayne explains her natural beauty philosophy: “Organically based skincare is much better accepted by the skin as opposed to its synthetic counterparts,” she notes. “Instead of masking a problem or leaving a film on the skin, natural ingredients are absorbed easily, providing moisture and cell-building goodness.”

For hydration and an instant glow, Cole Wellness’s “C” & “Sea” Facial is a popular choice. The marine botanicals and high-grade antioxidants both soothe and deliver the perfect blend of nutrients to thirsty skin. See for yourself.

Makeup is great for instant brightening, too, and a nice finishing touch after a facial. Though most products—like foundation, concealer and blush—sit on top of our skin, some find their way inside—think lipstick while you’re eating. So, going the toxic-free route is the way to go.

Emily Alice in West Chester uses a wide range of brands that are natural looking and perfect for reactive skin types. Mineral makeup is a staple as well as cruelty free products that aren’t tested on animals.

We like the sound of that!



Tanning, waxing, exfoliating, you name it … We subject our body to the unpleasant, bordering on the painful, in the name of beauty. So why not include some pampering in the mix?

A soothing, slimming body wrap may be just what your skin needs. These treatments don’t just remove toxins and water weight, they also can help to increase blood flow, boost fat metabolism and soften the appearance of stretch marks. Natural ingredients like algae extracts, essential oils and caffeine are used in Eden Day Spa and Salon’s Provence Body Slimming Wrap to help the process along. And you can treat yourself to these treatments up to three times a week!

For a glowing tan, lying out on the beach and soaking up the sun may seem as natural as it gets. But we certainly don’t recommend it! And although no one wants sunburn, premature aging or skin cancer, you don’t have to settle for chemical spray tans that leave you orange, streaky and unhappy.

Eden Day Spa’s Biologique Bronze Natural Spray Tan ticks all the right boxes—botanical and safe, plus no toxic ingredients, alcohol, dyes, perfumes, artificial colors or streaking. What is it made of? Beet, aloe, cane sugar extracts, a safe tanning agent and natural preservatives. And it lasts just as long as other options—7 to 10 days, on average.



We all know dying our hair is not the kindest treatment. But but not all permanent hair color is created equal. The amounts of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, PPDs and other toxic chemicals in a formula vary across brands, some forgoing them altogether.

Cole Wellness’s brand of choice, Organic Color Systems, is derived completely from plant and organic ingredients, comes in a complete color range, and has no ammonia and the lowest amount of PPDs needed to cover those pesky grays. Since it uses a lightening powder instead of bleach, there’s less chance of irritation. “And it smells great!” notes Kristy Cole.

For smoother, straighter hair, Emily Alice swears by AG Hair for shiny, frizz-free hair without the harsh chemicals or animal testing. As a bonus, every bottle sold contributes to AG’s Women Leading Change Foundation, helping build schools for girls in Africa. So feel good treating yourself while you’re also giving back.



Don’t forget about the keratin on your hands and feet as well! Nail polish is one of the most harmful beauty products out there. Luckily many spas and salons carry brands that omit the worse offenders—toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and DBP to name a few—while instead promoting nail health.

Over at Eden Day Spa and Salon, all manicures and pedicures use Zoya Natural Nail Products. Their line not only cuts out all the bad stuff, but also adds nail-friendly ingredients like protein, Vitamins B5 and E, plus botanicals like red algae and gingko to aid in nail flexibility, circulation, cellular renewal and prevent cracking. Plus you can indulge in a hand massage while you’re at it.

Make this spring the season to start treating your skin right, the natural way!