Friday, February 26 2021 2:48

A Fresh Take on Hunger

Written by Alyssa Thayer

How the Chester County Food Bank is raising the bar for food insecurity

This time of year, we emerge from the doldrums of winter craving the freshness of spring. Unfortunately, for those facing food insecurity, access to fresh food can be more of a luxury than a normal part of the change of seasons. Also less palatable, emergency food is often synonymous with heavi- ly-processed or canned goods and for good reason—it’s easier to store, transport and distribute.

From its inception in 2009, the Chester County Food Bank has set out to change this story. Culinary Director Ranney Moran says they are constantly trying to move from canned and processed to fresh and sustainable. “This is the foundation the Food Bank was built on,” says Ranney. Ultimately, the Food Bank has been working toward the goal of making 50% of the food they distribute fresh.

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