Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia — The Scourge of Winter

Written by Dr. Charles P. Catania, Gateway Medical Associates

This epic flu season isn’t over yet. What are you suffering from?

Protect Your Child from Cold and Flu Season with the Right Defense

Written by Dr. Rajeev R. Shah, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Chester County Hospital

Parents can take some simple steps to improve their children’s immune systems.

Healthy Through the Ages

Written by County Lines Magazine

To help us close out this challenging winter and its epic flu season, local medical experts share some advice for every age.

Jacque Maldonado

Meditation: How to Begin

Written by Jacque Maldonado

You can start with just two words.

Healthy Eating for Vegans & Vegetarians

Written by Judy Rodkey-Matusky, RDN, LDN

Merely choosing a plant-based diet is no guarantee that you’re eating for optimal health.

Healthier Choices While Dining Out

Written by Kim Knipe, R.D., Chester County Hospital

Remember Where, What and How for healthy choices the next time you eat out.

Root Canal Treatment

Written by Dr. Sam Kratchman, Exton and West Chester Endodontics

“I’d rather give birth than have a root canal.” After 25 years of doing root canals, I’ve heard everything from my patients, including that. Misconceptions about root canals make them among the most feared procedures. This sad reputation comes from…