In The Garden

On Inspiration

Written by Timothy Erdmann, Assistant Horticulturist at Chanticleer

What plans do you have for your spring garden?

Home & Garden 2021

Written by Marci Tomassone

Spring at last! Time to get outside.

Feeding a Community, One Garden at a Time

Written by Fred de Long, Director of Community Farms Program, Willistown Conservation Trust

It’s peak season for locally grown produce. Ripe fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Summer crops are still producing their bounty as the fall crops begin to reach maturity. Tomatoes are heavy on the vines, potatoes are being dug up from the soil, lettuce and greens are thriving, and winter squash is almost ready to be harvested.

Home & Garden

Written by Marci Tomassone

We’re lucky to have many beautiful public gardens right in our backyard, especially with National Public Gardens week—May 13–19—coming up. Consider a virtual tour.

Home-Grown Cocktail Gardening

Written by Maddison Perzel, Head Horticulturist, Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

Need some tips on cocktail gardening? Jenkins Arboretum writes about some ingredients you can grow in your own garden that are perfect for a fresh cocktail!

Rain Gardens—Digging Deeper

Written by Andrew Kirkpatrick, Director of Stewardship, Willistown Conservation Trust

Rain gardens are quite useful, and can help reduce flooding, erosion and pollution over a broad region.

Gardening for Wildlife

Written by Anna Kruschwitz, Chanticleer Garden

Responsible gardening in today’s climate calls for including wildlife in gardens. Gardeners should create wildlife-friendly environments wherever possible.