Say Cheers to a Dry New Year

Written by Madison Meinel

Start the New Year off booze-free with the Dry January challenge

Managing Post-Covid Health Care

It’s the new normal. Best to be ready and stay healthy!

Dentistry During the Pandemic

Written by Theresa Smith & Carlos Vila, SV Dental

It’s time to see your dentist. Be prepared for some changes.

Stalled In a February Fitness Funk?

Written by Rachel Thompson

Re-energize your fitness resolutions

Not Your Typical Year

Written by Dr. Glea H. Mazzuca

Stop and think about the simple steps to a healthy immune system.

Make Your Virtual Health Visit a Success

Written by Seth Rubin, M.D., Medical Director for Primary Care, Main Line HealthCare

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a primary care provider is connecting with patients. Meeting with our patients on a regular basis over time helps establish a collaborative relationship, which in turn, allows us to provide more patient-centered and effective care.
For decades, primary care providers and patients accomplished this during in-person visits in an office or patients’ homes. Even when meeting in-person isn’t an option, communication and connection with patients is still a top priority.
Fortunately, today’s videoconferencing technology makes this possible, even though the connection part works a bit differently. And these virtual visits have been around for some time—especially in rural area with physician shortages and for follow up care when travel is difficult.
Virtual health visits can be just as meaningful and beneficial for patients as their standard in-person appointments so long as they know what to expect and how to make the most of the time.

Elective Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by David C. Raab, D.O., Premier Orthopaedics

As you likely remember, on March 11 the World Health Organization declared the novel corona virus a global pandemic. Rapid spread of the virus was evident throughout the United States. Washington, Northern California, New York and surrounding cities on the East Coast noted a rapidly increasing number of symptomatic COVID-19 patients with an estimated fatality rate of 3.5%.
The burden of depleted personal protective equipment (PPE) for front line healthcare workers, staffing shortages in acute care settings, and an exponential increase in emergency room visits and hospital admissions were felt immediately. The sustainability of our healthcare system was in question.