Combating the Flu

Written by Dr. Mary-Anne Ost

Rx for Summer Shoe Woes

Written by Your choices for fall shoes can help relieve a world of foot pain.

Round, Round, Get Around

Written by Edwin Malet

Thinking about dear old Dad cooped up in his room, staring at the TV, waiting for lunch or 3 o’clock bingo?

Taking Steps Toward Better Balance

Written by Amy Spiegel, Physical Therapist, Bryn Mawr Hospital

Rescuing Dorothy: Helping Women Out of the Poppy Patch of Opiate Abuse

Written by Dr. Richard Donze, Chester County Hospital

Root Canal Treatment

Written by Dr. Sam Kratchman, Exton and West Chester Endodontics

“I’d rather give birth than have a root canal.” After 25 years of doing root canals, I’ve heard everything from my patients, including that. Misconceptions about root canals make them among the most feared procedures. This sad reputation comes from…

Healthy at Every Age

Written by County Lines Staff

Local Medical Experts Tackle Five Health Topics Being healthy is a 21st century obsession. Books, magazines, TV shows and social media are filled with ideas for maintaining our health. And so, we thought we’d add some targeted material to the…