Rescuing Dorothy: Helping Women Out of the Poppy Patch of Opiate Abuse

Written by Dr. Richard Donze, Chester County Hospital

Root Canal Treatment

Written by Dr. Sam Kratchman, Exton and West Chester Endodontics

“I’d rather give birth than have a root canal.” After 25 years of doing root canals, I’ve heard everything from my patients, including that. Misconceptions about root canals make them among the most feared procedures. This sad reputation comes from…

Healthy at Every Age

Written by County Lines Staff

Local Medical Experts Tackle Five Health Topics Being healthy is a 21st century obsession. Books, magazines, TV shows and social media are filled with ideas for maintaining our health. And so, we thought we’d add some targeted material to the…

Preventing and Treating Shingles

Written by Dr. Sonya Foster-Merrow, Pottstown Memorial Medical Center

Understanding the Guidelines for High Blood Pressure

Written by Dr. Anay Pradhan, Brandywine Hospital

High blood pressure (hypertension) is among the most under-diagnosed and under-treated health conditions in our country, affecting one in three adults. It’s a major independent risk factor for coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke and kidney failure, with an estimated…

Mammography: What’s a Woman To Do?

Written by Dr. Richard J. Bleicher, Fox Chase Cancer Center

In the world of medical advances, it’s difficult for patients to keep up. Especially when research in the news gives two different results, and the medical community says it’s not clear what to do. Plus, it doesn’t help to have…

What Is HPV and Why Is It a Problem?

Written by Dr. Tracie M. Safier, Nemours du Pont Pediatrics

HPV, or more specifically, human papilloma virus, is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), infecting almost 14 million people each year in the United States (about 79 million are currently infected). It’s so common that most people…