Monday, November 26 2018 1:34

Podcast: Is new craft beer worth the wait?

Written by County Lines Magazine

Crack open a drink and settle down for a new episode of The County Lines Podcast

The County Lines Podcast is back with a new episode. In our latest show, host Ray Porreca narrates “To Que, Or Not To Que,” a story about craft beer culture’s fascination with standing in lines.

Following the narration, Chadd Balbi of Breweries in Pennsylvania joins Ray for an exclusive interview to discuss his career, tips for craft beer newcomers and the Breweries in PA website. As always, there’s a wealth of info in our tiny little podcast.

If you’re new to the podcast, make sure to catch the show’s debut–available here or on SoundCloud. And be sure to follow County Lines Magazine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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