Thursday, December 26 2019 4:11

Growing Good Eaters

Written by Alyssa Thayer

A tale of farm life, family and trying new things.

Our bright green lemon squeezer is a favorite tool for squeezing citrus into the blender for kale pesto.


Growing up on a farm in Central PA, I remember each season had its own unique flavor. In the spring, we’d eat mountains of asparagus from our pick-your-own patch. Summertime was filled with berries, tomatoes, corn and homemade pesto. And by fall, we were in the orchard climbing high on ladders with baskets strapped to our chests. Some apples were cooked down in a big cast iron pot until they became a smoky, thick apple butter, while others were loaded up in crates and taken to the local Amish cider press.


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