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Food News / November 2017

Written by County Lines Magazine
Sports Fans, Rejoice

Chester County welcomed yet another P.J. Whelihan’s to the area in September. Located at Charlestown Center in Malvern, this is P.J.W. Restaurant Group’s milestone 20th restaurant. With 54 TVs, 48 beers on tap and wings with mouthwatering sauces from zippy and sweet to hot and spicy, it lives up to its reputation as a great spot to catch a game—just in time for football season! 12 General Warren Blvd., Malvern.

Sweet Potato Awareness Month
Did you know sweet potatoes have some sweet health benefits? Studies show they can help you live past 100! With high levels of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, C and D, these tubers can help prolong your life and protect your skin so you maintain that youthful glow. Give them a prime spot on your Thanksgiving table, and eat them all year-round using new recipes from

Buon Appetito

Brush up on your Italian, because the food at Bardolino Italian Steakhouse and Seafood in Glen Mills will make you say “Bravissimo!” With Jack Mavraj of La Verona in Kennett Square running the show, Bardolino aims to please. Give their Bourbon Glazed Shrimp and Scallops a try, but save room for dessert for a taste of Executive Chef David Robinson’s famous Cinnamon Sugar Ricotta Doughnuts. Molto delizioso! 1102 Baltimore Pk., Glen Mills.

Eat More Pizza

Did someone say “guiltless pizza”? SkinnyPizza is bringing a healthier version of New York-style pizza to the ‘burbs. Its first location in Paoli is open with a second planned for Exton. These pies boast all natural crust, natural mozzarella cheese and organic tomatoes. You’ll find everything on the menu easy on the environment and easy on your waistline, too! Count your calories on their website’s Calorie Calc at 35 W. Lancaster Ave., Paoli & 151 W. Lincoln Hwy., Exton.

Too Cute to Sip

Japanese barista Kazuki Yamamoto is taking the Internet by storm and latte making to another dimension with this aesthetically pleasing craze—3-D latte art. Check out his Twitter account for adorable photos of foamy creations: from 3-D cats, to bunnies, to cartoon characters. Drink with caution, though—you may find these creatures are too cute to sip! Want to give it a swirl? Make your own! Go to and search “latte art.”

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