Monday, May 4 2020 2:32

Food News / May 2020

Written by County Lines Magazine

A few of our favorite things to share this month about local food and drink

Backyard Barbeque. Get ready to fire up your grill May 16th for National Barbeque Day! Even if you’re staying at home you can perfect your barbeque recipes before friends join in the fun later this year. Explore recipes for different types of sauces to find your regional barbeque fave—is it Memphis’s wet ribs with tomato-based barbeque sauce, North Carolina’s Eastern Style whole hog barbeque paired with a vinegar and pepper sauce or a Texas variation? Ask your friends for their favorite recipes.


Victory Gardens. If you’re looking for a solo outdoor activity to keep yourself occupied, luckily planting season is upon us! Gardening gets you out of the house, helps clear your mind and makes you productive, too. During World Wars I and II, citizens were encouraged to help the cause and grow their own “victory gardens.” Now you can avoid grocery stores and start a new tradition with your 2020 victory garden filled with seasonal favorites like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and onions!


Food News Online. Did you know there’s even more tasty food coverage on our website? Our interns have been gathering the latest on your favorite local restaurants that are now serving up tempting take out. Check Food News Online to see who will deliver a six pack to your car along with your food and who will donate a meal to health care workers with your purchase. Check regularly to see what’s happening.


Tasty Remedies. Ready to enjoy gorgeous weather without the headache of seasonal allergies but want a natural remedy? Eating local honey and bee pollen can help build your tolerance to the pollen that triggers some allergies. Add more onions to your diet for their natural antihistamines. Other tasty remedies include oily fish and citrusy fruits. Get creative and create a meal using only allergy-fighting ingredients. Then head outside for an after dinner walk.


Equestrian Eats. We all know horses love snacking on carrots, hay and brown sugar. But if you want to treat your horses to something extra special, try homemade treats that double as a fun activity to keep both you and your kiddos occupied. Make Molasses Horse Treats using just four ingredients—carrots, flour, rolled oats and molasses. Or Apple and Carrot Ice Lollies made by freezing sliced carrots and coreless apples.