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18th Annual West Chester International Short Film Festival

Written by Victoria Rose

April 26–28, 2024

“The Mushroom Man” director Doug Gahm, producer Deborah Divine and narrator Eugene Levy

Once again this April, the West Chester Film Festival is presenting short films from around the world — Oscar-winning documentaries, inventive animations, local dramas and gut-busting comedies. Over three days, April 26 to 28, the Fest will show dozens of short films, as well as host parties, workshops, pop-up blocks and more in downtown West Chester.

“I am so excited for this year’s Festival,” said Sarah Beck, the new Fest President, who’s been part of the event since its beginning. “We have an amazing lineup of films, and the whole weekend is packed full of events for film lovers of all ages.”

All selected films are 30 minutes or shorter, with each block of films including a range of genres, subjects, languages and themes. The Fest creates a unique opportunity to explore the world and engage with fellow filmgoers throughout the weekend.

Since its start 20 years ago, the Fest has been dedicated to bringing a world-class event to our community. It’s been an extraordinary run for this entirely-volunteer, nonprofit organization, with dedicated board members who work through the year to make it happen.

Pop-Up Block in downtown West Chester

Amy Theorin, an award-winning local filmmaker and new board member, said, “There’s so much that goes into creating a full weekend of events, but it’s worth it to see the reaction of the many filmmakers and film lovers who attend.”

Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center is the main film venue and site of the popular Opening and Closing Night Parties. All the Fest films will be shown here on the big screen in two-hour film blocks. See other themed Pop-Up Blocks at venues around downtown West Chester, and enjoy opportunities to meet filmmakers, learn about filmmaking, and see shorts from local young filmmakers. Check the full schedule on the website.

Attending the West Chester Film Festival is more than just watching films — it’s a chance to be part of the celebration. Whether you’re looking for a fun date idea, girls’ night out or weekend experience, there’s something for everyone.

See you at the Fest!


When: April 26–28, 2024

Where: Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center plus other venues in downtown West Chester

Tickets & Info: