Modern Day Health Clubs — More than Just Treadmills!

Written by Kelly Strogen

We’ve come a long way since the days when a basic health club was limited to a row of treadmills and perhaps a few aerobics classes in a back room. Now you’ll find health clubs have a long and varied…

What Do You Do When Your Workouts Aren’t Working Out?

Written by Christine Thalwitz, ACAC

If you struggle to make working out part of your lifestyle, you’re not alone. Nearly all of us want to look good, be healthy and treat ourselves right, but the “exercise” pill can be hard to swallow week in and…

Relax – in the Dentist’s Chair? Discover Oral Sedation Dentistry

Written by Dr. Eric N. Shelly & Dr. Eric Fort, West Chester Dental Arts

I’m too busy. My toothache isn’t serious. I’ll reschedule my appointment for sometime next month. Sound familiar? Dentophobia—fear of dentists—affects more than 75% of adults in the United States. This fear often causes patients to become anxious and make excuses…