Wednesday, May 6 2020 9:15

Stay at Home Bucket List

Written by Mercedes Thomas


By now you may have run through your go-to ideas for passing the time and keeping everyone at home occupied. And just because you can’t work through your life bucket list doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish a few things you’ve wanted to try.

So here are some ideas to inspire you to pause your binge watching and explore new things during life in the time of COVID-19.



  • Create a family blog on (one of the easiest platforms). Get everyone in the family to contribute. Let your socially distant family and friends know about it so you can keep in touch and up to date.
  • Make a YouTube video. You’ve likely watched plenty. Millions are uploaded daily. See if you’ve got a future as an influencer! Or just share something of yourself with the world out there.
  • For adults only: Craft your own signature cocktail. You’ve got the time and it’s a fun project. Plus you’ll have something to show for your time at home. Just don’t call it the COVID cocktail! Read here for some help on how to get started.



  • Learning a new language keeps your mind sharp and is something the whole family can do. Kids often catch on very quickly. And you can have family dinners using your new vocabulary. Try Rosetta Stone and Duolingo.
  • Learning to make origami animals is fun and engages your small motor skills. You can have a flock of those dainty cranes and other animals when stay-at-home measures end.
  • Knitting anyone? Want to learn a new skill and have something practical as a result? Instructional videos are online.
  • How about learning a magic trick. This skill mainly needs practice, and you’ll find instructional videos on YouTube. Or learn to juggle. Use chopsticks. Tie a bow tie. Whistle loudly, with fingers in your mouth. Now’s the time!



  • Keep a gratitude journal to keep your spirits up. This also helps your immune system. Start or end the day by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for. From getting a grocery delivery to watching your kids reconnect over a board game.
  • Handwrite a letter. Say thank you for a kindness. Reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with. Share your feelings with a loved one you can’t visit. Handwriting slows down our thoughts and letters give us unlimited space to communicate.



  • Family game night is a classic, and isn’t it time for the classics? Scrabble, Monopoly or card games, or all three in a best-of-three tournament. Add prizes (gift card to a local business) to up the competitive vibe. Adult versions also an option.
  • Research your family tree. Find your roots. There are free trials for some of the online tools like
  • Make a scrapbook from that drawer or box stuffed with old family photos or souvenirs. Plus you’ll recapture some good memories in the process. And it’s more fun with input from all family members.


Need even more ideas? Find bucket list items for everyone at

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