Monday, January 8 2024 10:44

Spotted This Week

Written by County Lines Magazine

Dip your toe in the water of Damp January

This week, we spotted a new trend — or perhaps a New Year’s resolution — Damp January!

You may have heard of Dry January, where participants challenge themselves to forgo alcohol for the entire month of January. Now, for those who aren’t ready to commit to an entire alcohol-free month, there’s Damp January, where the sober-curious are encouraged to limit their drinking in January.

The goal, as The Washington Post’s Anahad O’Connor explains, is to “improve your relationship with alcohol.” This can take many forms, including only drinking on special occasions, reducing the amount of days you drink, cutting back on the number of drinks you consume, or a combination of all three.

Though we’re already a week into January, it’s not too late to start! To learn more, check out this article from the Post.

Best of luck on your Damp January journey!

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