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Publisher’s Letter

Written by Edwin Malet

September 2022

It’s September and our calendars are filling up. Houses, horses, history and more will entertain you.

This year’s 81st Chester County Day will tour the northwest quadrant of the county. Get a preview in Matt Freeman’s story, and get your tickets for this fundraiser, always the first Saturday of October.

To equestrian fans, Shannon Montgomery says, “Saddle Up for the Fall Equestrian Season,” and visit Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show, Devon Fall Classic, Plantation Field International Horse Trials, Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill and the Brandywine Polo Club. Plus, “Dressage at Devon” is back with world-class action in the Dixon Oval. Emma Miller shares highlights of the five-day event that attracts passionate horse lovers, wide-eyed children and everyone in between.

For more horsepower, “Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance Celebrates 25 Years.” Come for the barbecue, road rally, black-tie gala, MotorSport Park, Shoppes and … 100 vintage cars.

Gina Mullen tells history buffs how to commemorate the “Battle of Brandywine’s 245th Anniversary,” marking when the Continental Army fought the British in a key Revolutionary War battle. Malcolm Johnstone’s tells the story of the namesake of Marshallton and Marshall Square Park. Appropriately, he calls it “Celebrating Humphry Marshall.”

Learn what’s needed to save Crebilly Farm’s 312 acres south of West Chester. A green space proposal requires voters’ support in November. Read “Developed or Green. There’s No In-Between.”

For more on the outdoors, Monica McQuail of Willistown Conservation Trust answers, “What’s Ornitherapy?” The short answer: birdwatching + mindfulness = health benefits.

To benefit your mind, Shelly Laurence of Main Point Books recommends “Great Book Club Reads.”

For foodies, Jessica Roberts suggests you “Spice Up Your Fall” with cider, moscato and fruit wine. Brandywine Table’s Alyssa Thayer recommends local produce in “Think Outside the (Lunch) Box.”

And I say good-bye to Pete Flynn in “Pete’s Produce: The Final Chapter.”

As always, County Lines has the Best Local Events and tons of Family Fun ideas.

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Ed Malet, Publisher



Developed or Green: There’s No In Between

It’s the last chance to save Crebilly Farm. For 20+ years, real estate developers have been trying to get their hands on this property. The owners would like it preserved. The bad news is that, if conservation is unsuccessful, it will be sold. In November, residents of Westtown Township will vote on a proposed Open Space Tax. Passage of the tax would support permanent preservation of Crebilly Farm as a community park with adjacent acreage under conservation easements.


What’s Ornitherapy?

Birds have unique personalities and funny behaviors that we can’t help but find intriguing. It’s these joyful observations that make up the practice of ornitherapy, combining bird-watching with mindfulness. Practicing ornitherapy is simple: get comfortable, close your eyes and begin watching the birds around you. Observe them. Listen to their calls.


Celebrating Humphry Marshall

It’s Humphry Marshall’s 300th birthday. An esteemed botanist and scientist, known for contributions to agriculture, astronomy and meteorology, Marshall is regarded as the Father of Dendrology (the study of woody plant, trees and shrubs) and is best remembered as the author of the first catalogue of American native plants, Arbustum Americanum.

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