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Publisher’s Letter

Written by Edwin Malet

April 2022

It’s April, it’s spring and it’s time for new beginnings!

Look outside and see flowers, birds, outdoor life, convertibles, weddings. At County Lines, we’re celebrating the spring!

Carol Metzker observes that couples are putting a personal stamp on their wedding. One chose a theme from Star Wars. Another chose a spectacular floor with Mediterranean tiles. In “The Reimagined Storybook Wedding,” Carol finds no limit to wedding creativity.

After two years of delay for many weddings, Elizabeth Hughes is excited to see a big return to bride’s embracing their natural beauty. Natural hair, less makeup, healthy skin … Read “Beautiful Brides… Naturally.”

 “Getting Married?” It’s one of the biggest and most life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. Andrew Scheppegrell of Brumbaugh Wealth Management suggests you slow down a bit and consider your finances. He’s got some thoughts on the subject.

If you’re planning a wedding, our associate editor Marci Tomassone has prepared a “Guide to Wedding Venues & Services.” She’s got everything, from venues and caterers to flowers and jewelry. In “Wedding Bouquets” and “Wedding Style,” see the offerings of several select vendors.

Our assistant editor Shannon Montgomery looks at trends in honeymoons. She discovered three options in post- (and pre-) wedding travel: mini-moons, many moons and early moons (before the wedding). Read “New Moons” and learn more.

Our Home of the Month is “Springdale Farm,” a stately three-story historic stone farmhouse with a limestone façade and fieldstone sides. It’s the oldest continuously run farm in Pennsylvania, lovingly restored and brought back from “demolition by neglect” after 300 years of ownership by just two families. Laurel Anderson takes you on a tour.

As the Assistant Horticulturist at Chanticleer, Timothy Erdmann is often asked, “How do you get your ideas?” It turns out this is a difficult question. Ideas pop up from everywhere —from nature, art, other gardens, travel, even dreams. Read about his resources in “On Inspiration.”

It’s a great time to get out of your house and visit our neighbor to the west, Lancaster County — an area full of history. From the hymns of the early Mennonites to the rumblings of the Underground Railroad, in “Lancaster’s History,” you’ll discover a lot of what you’d miss if you settled for a meal at Shady Maple and nothing more.

Back in 2006, Michael Contreras of 2SP Brewing took a detour in grad school when he took a job in sales with Oregon-based Rogue Ales & Spirits, a maker of craft beer. The industry thrived. Today, it’s much different, having grown about five-fold. In “Some Minor Thoughts on Craft Beer,” he looks forward to the next trend.

Foraging for food, once a necessity for survival, is now making a resurgence as a hobby. From dandelion greens to sought-after morels, foraged foods have become highly coveted ingredients. Brandywine Table’s Alyssa Thayer gives several hints on foraging, together with delicious recipes. Ramps anyone?

Now, post-pandemic (we hope), it’s time to do all those things we put off. That includes caring for your smile. In other words, it’s “Time to Return for Routine Dental Care,” says Dr. Peter Patellis of the Kennett Center for Advanced Dentistry.

Check out our Best Things To Do section to find plenty of fun for yourself and your family.

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Ed Malet, Publisher



The Reimagined Storybook Wedding

With imagination and creativity, weddings are telling love stories in wonderful new ways. One couple chose a duel with light sabers, backgrounded by music from Star Wars. Another designed their reception with food stations to emulate a Mediterranean market. Details express how a couple met, what they love and who they want to become together.

Lancaster’s History

Lancaster is not only about the Amish community there. Visit the Mennonite home of Hans Herr, built in 1719. The Ephrata Cloister, essentially a monastery, open to the public, dates to 1732. Mascot Mills in Ronks, Wrights Ferry near Columbia and many commercial enterprises, still standing, were all established in the mid-1700s. The nation was briefly seated in Lancaster during the Revolutionary War. The Underground Railroad and America’s 15th president also have their roots in Lancaster County.

On Inspiration

Plans for your spring garden can come from anywhere: from nature, art, other gardens, travel, even dreams. There’s a lot of value in expanding your skill sets and endless pleasure in growing new kinds of plants in your garden. Inspiration, according to the Assistant Horticulturist at Chanticleer Gardens, is the idea that feeds itself.

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