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March Publisher’s Letter 2020

Written by Edwin Malet

March is here. Winter’s almost over. Spring is in the air. We’re encouraging you to open your hearts, minds and wallets. At County Lines, we celebrate the joys of giving.

The centerpiece of this issue is our “2020 Charity Datebook,” introduced by Karen Simmons, President/CEO of Chester County Community Foundation. She explains the work of CCCF and offers advice on giving, whether from your pocket or of yourself.

For Chester County Hospital, Andrew Smith shares how charitable dollars are spent—on everything from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to the Cancer Center. Read “Impact of Medical Philanthropy: Greater Than You Think.”

Our “Faces of Philanthropy” feature profiles nine families—Brumbaugh, DeHaven, Kalogredis, Kunsch, Morris, Sammarone, Thomas, Wilson, Moran—who have made significant contributions to local charitable works.

In “Fun Fundraisers,” we spotlight others who have donated to good causes, while in our “Datebook Calendar” Associate Editor Marci Tomassone gathers 100 galas, dinners, events and other fundraisers for 2020. Get fashion ideas from our photo feature “What to Wear to the Gala.”

Thanks to the work of private philanthropy and local conservancies, nearly 30% of Chester County—over 140,000 acres of parks, historic sites, agricultural and privately held lands—is protected open space. The result is the beauty and preservation of the land we call home. Ellen Ferretti of the Brandywine Conservancy discusses that work in “Land Conservancies.”

What good works can you do personally? From rescuing animals to supporting education to helping seniors, veterans and the infirm, there are plenty of opportunities. In “Lend a Hand,” Assistant Editor Mercedes Thomas offers suggestions, with many more on our website.

Cathy Fiebach of Main Point Books believes books can help us decide where we should focus, what kind of difference we can make and provide ideas about how to move forward. In “Books That Inspire,” she recommends books aimed at younger readers, who are willing to take risks to change the world.

Wine, champagne or something stronger may inspire your charitable impulse. Read about suppliers that support charitable causes in “Choosing Wine for Your Fundraiser” by Fred Naddeo of Fine Wine and Good Spirits.

“Sweet Charity,” Chester County Community Foundation’s annual fundraiser scheduled for March 30th, is dedicated to connecting people who care, making their goals fun and tasty. Brandywine Table’s Alyssa Thayer shares recipes from the event’s 2019 Best Dessert winner, General Warren. Mmmm. I can’t wait to taste the entries for this year!

Finally, as you prepare for summer, you’ll want to see what’s available for your kids. Look at our round up of “Summer Camps.” Yes, summer is almost here.

And as always, this month’s issue includes the Best Local Events, starting with a page filled with ideas for Family Fun.


Impact of Medical Philanthropy

In the mid-1700s, Ben Franklin quickly got behind the plan to fund the first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, in the American Colonies. Today, philanthropic dollars continue to impact health care. Chester County Hospital, a sister of Pennsylvania Hospital, raises $7 million in donations every year. In fact, it’s hard to name a major hospital project or program at Chester County Hospital that hasn’t benefited from the support of generous donors. There’s no better way to support the community than to support the community hospital.


Land Conservancies

Private philanthropy—from individuals like Frolic Weymouth, Hal Haskell, Jamie and Phyllis Wyeth, and Ford and Katherine Draper, founders of the Brandywine Conservancy—has always been the heart and soul of Chester County’s conservation efforts. Whether through personal giving, voter referendums or community support for government-led open space programs, the County is regarded as a leader in land conservation throughout the nation.. One can’t help but wonder what the landscape would have looked like had suburban sprawl been left unchecked. The environmental impact alone of protected lands has served us in both tangible and intangible ways.


Books That Inspire

It never hurts to take stock of the issues facing us and our global community. Books can help us decide where we should focus, what kind of difference we can make and provide ideas about how to move forward. Many of the recommendations in this article are aimed at younger readers, who are willing to take risks to change the world. Whether to inspire someone else or motivate yourself, there’s a book to help you do it.


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Ed Malet, Publisher

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