Wednesday, August 22 2018 12:57


Written by Mercedes Thomas

Welcome to the Blog of County Lines Magazine

Hi there!

Welcome to “In Between County Lines”— a blog with previews, reviews, rehashings and recommendations for lots of the events and new things happening in between the counties’ lines in the Brandywine Valley.

First, let me to introduce myself. I’m Mercedes and I’ll be your personal tour guide throughout this blog. I grew up in Lancaster County and moved to West Chester as an adult and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this new home, now with all the adult privileges. I’m ready to sample all that makes our area great. Ready to join me?

Follow my blog for updates and insights on area events, festivals, beer and wine tastings, and trending local restaurants, shops and other happenings featured in County Lines Magazine. As I experience them, I promise to share my first-hand tips, tricks and insider’s view, so when it’s your turn, you’ll be all the wiser.

A pleasure to meet you … Now let’s have some fun!

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