Tuesday, 25 April 2017 05:16

Good to Know / May

Written by  County Lines Magazine

Hot or Not? Functional Dansko clogs are this year’s most surprising fashion trend. Normally favored by the likes of chefs, sculptors and surgeons, these comfy clogs have found their way into the hearts and closets of New York fashionistas. The Chester County-based company behind the most functional shoes in America isn’t surprised to hear about the clogs’ rise in popularity. After all, they’re worn by celebrities like Kate Moss and Julia Roberts, and photographed on runways during New York Fashion week! Find the nearest store on Dansko.com.


Hagley Museum and Library book talk by author Mary Pillion (The Monopolists)Anti-Monopoly. Everyone knows Monopoly, but did you know about its anti-monopolist origin? Elizabeth Magie Phillips, Monopoly’s plucky inventor, patented it under the title “Landlord’s Game” in 1904. The game taught players the value of economic competition and had two versions: one that was monopolist and one that was anti-monopolist. Learn more about this forgotten female inventor when Mary Pillion talks about her book The Monopolists on May 4th at Hagley Museum and Library. Hagley.org.


Robo-Nanny. Move over, Alexa! The latest in personal assistants is Kuri the Robot Nanny. Part home security system, part caretaker, Kuri’s like a Roomba with personality. Its built-in Wi-Fi system lets Kuri play your favorite tunes or read to the kids, while Kuri’s smart technology helps it learn the rhythm of your household. Kuri can greet you in the morning, say goodbye when the kids leave for school and even tell Fido to get off the couch! Available for $699 on HeyKuri.com.


Swing Kat EntertainmentMother’s Day Virtual 5k. You’ve heard about virtual reality, but what about virtual racing? On May 14th the Moon Joggers, whose annual goal is to run the distance from Earth to our moon, hosts their fourth Mother’s Day Virtual 5k and raises money for Vitamin Angels, a national charity that donates vitamins to families in need. This virtual race prioritizes your comfort and convenience by letting you run anytime, anywhere! After Mother’s Day brunch, grab Mom and get ready to run! Moonjogger.com.


Just Dance! Dance the night away with local studio Swing Kat Entertainment! Through May 22nd, Swing Kat offers an Introduction to Swing class as well as intermediate courses for more experienced dancers. Interested in the history of swing? This energetic dance began in Harlem and takes its cues from the fast-paced rhythm of ‘40s and ‘50s jazz. With several locations, including Pottstown and West Chester, Swing Kat will help you dance like no one’s watching! SwingKat.com.